Empire State of Snow

Clearly my attempt to fix my blog dilemma didn’t work. Well, it was a shot, and now as I have begun to travel again, I have found myself with plenty of things to say. It’s funny how things work like that.

Now, before this past weekend, if you asked me what cities in the US I loved, I could tell you that New York would not be at the top of that list. In fact, New York wouldn’t even have been towards the bottom. Despite numerous trips to city, the Big Apple never appealed to me. It just seemed like an over-crowded, over-commercialized version of a city I saw in a movie once. The people were not nice, and my experiences were lack-luster at best.

However, in my mind, every place deserves a second (or 8th) chance.

So, over this past weekend, when a friend of mine was in need of a ride to the city, and I had nothing planned to do on a snowy Saturday in Boston, I happily agreed to take him. Now, if there is one thing I have learned about road trips – they can either be incredibly fun or you are constantly looking at the clock waiting until you can finally turn the engine off and go home. This road trip was definitely of the former variety. Driving into New York, watching small pieces of snow fall onto the ground, and having interesting conversations with a new friend were just what the doctor ordered. I was finding a cure for my intense apathy for the Big Apple, and in fact, a small inclination towards the city was growing.

Now, I had originally planned to try and meet up with a fellow Fulbright friend. She had no idea I was coming, I did not have her US phone number, and I had no idea where she lived; however, none of these things hindered me. I had done crazier things in crazier places in the world, so that trying to find one person in New York City did not seem like a foreboding task. Needless to say, I never found her, but quite frankly, I didn’t look that hard either.

Instead of merely dropping my friend off, I found myself going to dinner at the oldest family-owned Thai restaurant and then walking around Times Square with him in the snow. We occasionally ducked into stores to avoid the flurries, but not long enough to miss the creation of a white blanket across the city. The rest of my evening was spent eating and drinking the night away, as New York was becoming a genuine winter wonderland.

Now although that doesn’t sound like it should have had ground-breaking effects on my perceptions of a city, it did. I saw that New York is full of possibilities, and sometimes you just need to be with the right people to realize them. Or maybe you just need to be in the right state of mind. I stopped expecting New York to create a good time for me, and instead, I created it for myself.

So, like I said, every place deserves a second chance. I had a magical weekend in the Big apple, and if I had let my apathy make my decisions, then I would have never gone. I would have never gotten closer to a new friend, and I would have never seen the beauty of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree lights as they compete with the brightness of the city around them. I would have spent my Saturday content and warm in Boston, none-the-wiser that perceptions can and do change especially when you’re willing to change them. So although I will not move to New York anytime soon, I can definitely say that it is now on my list, and it’s quite high up there, in fact.


About Roz

Half the fun of the travel is the aesthetic of lostness. ~Ray Bradbury
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