A sober reality

I haven’t written all summer because I have been at a loss for words. Besides that first day I wrote about, I have found that being a woman here has been an uphill battle in a way that I never experienced in Morocco – sexual harassment is very real and present here despite that one peaceful day. Numerous times I thought about retracting my previous post or writing an amendment to it, but its hard to share such personal and unfortunate experiences with such an unknown audience. Instead, I opted for silence. I tried to grow accustomed to this place and relish in the beautiful and interesting things about it in an attempt to forget about the low and horrible characters in it.

I will let you know how that goes.

Not everything about Sri Lanka is how I am making it out to be. There are absolutely beautiful beaches, there are gorgeous mountains, and the wildlife is amazing. Despite all of this, I am really excited to leave in two weeks. This summer has made me realize that I no, I will not love everywhere I travel. I have realized that even though I try to be patient and open-minded numerous bad experiences will color a place. That does not make me a bad person or culturally insensitive – it makes me human. Maybe if I would be here longer, I would grow to love it or maybe I would grow to hate it more, I’m not sure. Maybe if  I had lived in a different city or maybe if I had been able to meet more locals. Again, I’m not sure. I can only describe Sri Lanka based on my experiences and perceptions using the lens that I was given.

I will write another post wrapping up my summer and what exactly it is I have done on this island, but I wanted to first share my more sobering thoughts. I just needed to explain the meaning behind my silence in a hopes of finally being able to move past the negative and onto the positive.

Again, I’ll let you know how that goes.


About Roz

Half the fun of the travel is the aesthetic of lostness. ~Ray Bradbury
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