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Empire State of Snow

Clearly my attempt to fix my blog dilemma didn’t work. Well, it was a shot, and now as I have begun to travel again, I have found myself with plenty of things to say. It’s funny how things work like … Continue reading

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A post about a cat

A year ago today I was walking around the Medina of Fez with my new roommate. We were excited because in 24 hours we would move into our new home and truly begin our life in Fez. I was taking … Continue reading

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A session of Moroccan thanksgivings

I know that I am a week late (and hence, probably 7 dollars short) but my Mom crossed an ocean to visit me, which means that the blog writing had to take a hiatus. I fully plan to detail her … Continue reading

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Crazy plans equal crazy fun

I ended last week the same way that I end most weeks here in Morocco, chill nights with friends yet no plans for a weekend adventure. My life here has been very sedentary (my previous excursion to Meknes not withstanding), … Continue reading

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230 years of friendship….let’s keep it that way

The Regional Security Officer from the US Embassy in Rabat started our security briefing pointing at our schedule which said, “230 years of friendship.” (Side note, Moroccans are very proud that they were the first to recognize the US as … Continue reading

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Peachtree: A street to connect the masses

What do Black Pride, DragonCon, and Alabama/Auburn fans have in common? Peachtree St in downtown Atlanta, that’s what. Over the weekend, I went to this comedy club in the city, and then I drove to chill with some people down … Continue reading

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Mazel Tov and various other congratulatory remarks

I just spent the weekend in a northern suburb of Chicago celebrating the marriage of my dear friend from study abroad. It’s funny because it’s my second Jewish wedding of the summer, and actually, the second marriage of my friends. … Continue reading

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